Remember DaVinciAudio Labs’ AAS Gabriel turntable with gold-leafing on it? Now the time has come to revive the memories, with Transrotor’s Quintessence for those with deep pockets. The luxury turntable comes with a lustrous layer of chrome and gold to give it classier look. The turntable appears to be something more like a piece of art crafted for the purpose of showing up in a museum. It is designed to create quality music output by zeroing noise and vibrations by means of isolating the pick-up arm from the rest of the body. As the product page suggests, the clear style of the device, the audio output of highest quality, exclusivity and the absolutely mature musical qualities are a few advantages of the turntable that convince a buyer to shell out a hefty amount of $38,790 to get his or her hands on one. By incorporating all standard traits of the manufacturer, this device utilizes hydrodynamic bearings with black acrylic gilt weights embedded in the (bearing) reservoir. The turntable weighs around 70 kg.

Via: Product Page / Bornrich